Answers to popular questions

Our full ingredients list can be found here.

All ingredients are on the EPA Safer Chemical Ingredients List and none of the ingredients on the EWG Unacceptable List and Prop 65 Banned Ingredients List.

Yes, DOrganify Hand Soaps are safe to use as part of your routine hand hygiene during the COVID19 pandemic. We do not claim that our hand soaps kill germs (viruses and bacteria) as anti-bacterial hand soaps contain ingredients that are not yet proven to be safe. Whilst we consider our hand soaps to be a safe addition to your home during the COVID19 pandemic (or otherwise), nothing replaces routine hand hygiene. Ensure to wash your hands regularly, and carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer on you if you need to wash your hands on-the-go outside home.

If you already have a foaming hand soap dispenser or Spray bottle, we encourage you to re-use it! Just make sure it is in-fact a foaming dispenser as a regular soap dispenser will not work.

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Water temperature is the key factor influencing dissolve time.

  • Recommended: If using hot tap water (140°F or 60°C), it should take 10-20 minutes to dissolve.
  • If using cold tap water (70°F or 20°C), it may take 40 minutes to fully dissolve.  

To accelerate dissolving, you may wish to stir the tablet with a spoon.


Please do not use boiling water or shake the dispenser as the tablet is dissolving, as this may build up pressure in the bottle resulting in a spill.

Our foaming hand soap is not antibacterial and for good reason. The FDA has advised that consumers avoid antibacterial soaps . Our hand soaps include effective surfactants to wash away germs, leaving your hands both clean and moisturized.

Our hand soaps have tested to be generally safe for people with sensitive-skin including eczema, in particular our fragrance-free hand soap.

In rare instances where skin irritation occurs, we advise you stop using the product. If you are known to have severe reactions to hand wash, we recommend excising caution when trying new soaps including ours.

For more information, refer to our full ingredients list here.

Yes. We use no ingredients sourced or derived from animals.

Yes. Our products do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and generally regarded as very safe for use around pets and animals.

Our products are made from 100% recyclable or compostable materials.

  • Box Packaging: Cardboard paper (Recycle or compost)
  • Foaming Pump: PP – Polypropylene (Recycle #5)
  • Tablet Wrapper: Cardboard paper with PLA lining (Compost)

Tablet Wrappers: Our wrappers are 100% home compostable, and can be disposed in home or community compost. If you don’t have access to these, the best alternative is to dispose in landfill, where they will eventually decompose completely. Whilst the wrapper is technically recyclable, it may contaminate recycled plastics doing more harm than good. Fortunately, the wrapper can be disposed to landfill without harming the earth.

Yes! Our product team is working hard to release a suite of new products. We’re on a mission to eliminate plastic waste throughout your home, from household cleaning to personal care.

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